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About Us

The Wizard

My name is Francis de Bois, 15th Lord Lychwood. I have been a practising occultist for 40 years. I am a Third Degree Wiccan, High Priest of Hekate and Grand Master of a secret tradition that has sought to preserve the magical heritage of the Old World through the long years of persecution. For convenience I will call that tradition the Royal and Ancient Order of the Craft. Together we have sought to guard the magic from those who would destroy it and its practitioners. Now, with the blessing of my Order's highest council, I have decided to make that rich heritage available to everyone, everywhere.

The Spells

Many of the spells in this huge online collection of magic come from my family library. Gathered by my father and his father before him, these spells comprise the ancient magical lore of the British Isles. Others have been collected from overseas, from archaeological sites in Egypt, Turkey and the Euphrates river basin, and translated from long-dead languages. Others have come from modern Witches and Magic-Users, representing the latest developments in magical theory and practice. All of the spells come from the real tradition of magic. These are not the hocus-pocus nonsenses found in so many modern books by authors I shall not, out of courtesy, name, but incantations of power from the rich and living seam of magic.

The Concept

People spend hours fruitlessly searching for the right spell. If you don't find one, or cast the wrong one, how can you expect to use magic to immeasurably change your life? The SpellsWizard is just like the 'wizards' you find in computer programmes that guide you through specific tasks. The SpellsWizard guides you through spell-casting in exactly the same, easy to use way. You tell the SpellsWizard what you need and the SpellsWizard tells you what spell to cast.

The Team

The SpellsWizard.com team comprises some of the most talented Witches and Wizards working magic today. But you will not have heard of them: these are not the self-promoting celebrity Witches who pander no-nothing Witchcraft Lite; they are private individuals who practice their ancient art in peace and solitude. Drawn from all corners of the globe, my international team is responsible for spell testing, research and development. Together we are building the greatest library of magic the world has seen since fire destroyed Alexandria. And together we are committed to making this once secret wisdom available to everyone. And hey, that means YOU!

The Company

SpellsWizard.com is a division of WICA (The Witchcraft Information Centre & Archive), an education provider and research consultancy based in Scotland, UK. WICA is also an internationally verified member of PayPal. This means that we benefit from WICA's expert knowledge and best business practice, whilst maintaining our independence. You can find out more about WICA by visiting their website at WitchcraftInfo.info.

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